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This months featured product is the ADAM-4520 RS-232 to RS-485 converter.
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ADAM-4500 Series Modules

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ADAM moduleADAM-4500 modules are the perfect choice for establishing cost-effective industrial networks. Converter and repeater modules are available to convert RS-232 signals to RS-422 or RS-485 signals and extend the range of these signals. Converters are also available to convert RS-232/422/485 signals to single-mode or multi-mode optical fiber for applications in harsh environments. A complete line-up of serial device servers are available which enable RS-232/422/485 devices to be integrated into Ethernet networks.

Serial Converters and Repeaters

  • ADAM-4510 Non-Isolated RS-422/485 Repeater Module
  • ADAM-4510S Isolated RS-422/485 Repeater Module
  • ADAM-4520 Isolated RS-232 to RS-422/485 Converter Module
  • ADAM-4521 Addressable RS-422/485 to RS-232 Converter
  • ADAM-4541 Multi-mode Fiber Optic to RS-232/422/485 Converter
  • ADAM-4542+ Single-mode Fiber Optic to RS-232/422/485 Converter
  • ADAM-4561 1-port Isolated USB to RS-232/422/485 Converter
  • ADAM-4562 1-port Isolated USB to RS-232 Converter

Serial Device Servers (Ethernet to RS-232/422/485 converters)

  • ADAM-4570 2-port RS-232/422/485 Serial Device Server
  • ADAM-4570L 2-port RS-232 Serial Device Server
  • ADAM-4571 1-port RS-232/422/485 Serial Device Server
  • ADAM-4571L 1-port RS-232 Serial Device Server
  • ADAM-4572 1-port Modbus Gateway (Modbus/RTU to Modbus/TCP converter