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This months featured product is the ADAM-4520 RS-232 to RS-485 converter.
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ADAM-4000 Series Modules

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ADAM moduleADAM-4000 modules are the perfect choice for establishing a cost-effective and reliable remote data acquisition and control system. Customers can benefit from ADAM-4000 modules through its simple wiring - using only two wires to communicate with their controller or other RS-485 devices. ADAM-4000 modules use the EIA RS-485 communication protocol - the industry's most widely used bi-directional, balanced transmission line suitable for industrial environments. This simple wiring scheme enables rapid and economical deployment of a distributed data acquisition and control system suited to industrial environments. As the modules can be configure to use either a simple ASCII command/response protocol or the industry standard MODBUS protocol virtually any SCADA software package can be configured to interface to the ADAM-4000 series devices. A comprehensive range of modules covers most Analog input and output, Digital input and output and counter timer/frequency requirements. Modules can be DIN rail or panel mounted and can also be stacked in a piggy-back configuration. Power requirements are 10 ~ 30VDC and the average module requires approximately 2W.

Analog I/O Modules

  • ADAM-4015 - 6 Channel RTD Input Module with Modbus

    The ADAM-4015 analogue input module provides six input channels for RTD type temperature sensors. The output is RS-485 in either Modbus or ASCII protocol. All popular RTD types are supported and are easily configured using the configuration and test utility provided with the module.

  • ADAM-4017 - 8 Channel Analog Input Module

    The ADAM-4017 features 8 analogue input channels and RS-485 output. Input ranges can be configures to mV, V or mA using the supplied software utility program. Users can rapidly build a distributed or remote data acquisition system based on an RS-485 network. The modules can be used for data logging or control

  • ADAM-4017+ - 8 Channel Analog Input Module with Modbus

    The ADAM-4017+ module features 8 individually programmable analogue input channels and RS-485 output. The RS-485 output can be user selected to be in ASCII or Modbus protocol

  • ADAM-4018+ - 8 Channel Thermocouple Input Module with Modbus

    The ADAM-4018+ is a 16-bit, 8-channel analog input module that provides programmable input ranges for each individual channel. These modules are an extremely cost-effective solution for industrial measurement and monitoring applications. 3000 VDC optical isolation between the analog input and the modules protects the modules and peripherals from damages caused by high input voltages. The ADAM-4018+ supports both the ASCII and Modbus protocols.

  • ADAM-4019+ - 8 Channel Universal Analog Input Module with Modbus

    The ADAM-4019+ is an 8-channel Universal Analog Input Module. The module features a 4~20 mA input range, and a burnout detection function for thermocoulple inputs. Its mixed input range design supports individual configuration for each channel to save costs and space in applications. The input ranges include +/-10V, mV, and thermocouple, which are all well-integrated in this model. It also supports burnout detection so that any sensor failures can be detected in advance. For easier control, ADAM-4019+ provides not only ADAM ASCII commands, but also the Modbus/RTU protocol for satisfying different application demands.

  • ADAM-4021 - Single Channel Analog Output Module

    The ADAM-4021 analog output module receives its digital input through an RS-485 interface from the host computer. The format of the data is either engineering units, twos complement hexadecimal format or percentage of full-scale range (FSR),depending on the module’s configuration. It then uses its microprocessor-controlled D/A converter to convert the digital data into output signals. You get a true readback of the analog output signal from the unit’s ADC, which independently monitors the output. You can specify slew rates and start up currents through the configuration software. The Analog Output Module can supply single-channel analog output in a range of voltages or currents. They protect your equipment from ground loops and power surges by providing opto-isolation of the D/A output. The transformer based isolation is up to 3000 VDC.

  • ADAM-4024 - 4 Channel Analog Output Module with Modbus

    The ADAM-4024 provides 4 universal type analog output channels. Moreover, it is designed with 4 Digital inputs for integrating applications, such as emergency latch outputs or users default triggers. It uses optical isolators to prevent ground loop effects and limits damages from power surges. You can specify slew rates and startup currents. The module supports both the ADAM ASCII and Modbus protocots.

Digital I/O Modules

  • ADAM-4050 - 15 Channel (7DI & 8DO) Digital I/O Module

    The ADAM-4050 features seven digital input channels and eight digital output channels. The outputs are open-collector transistor switches that you can control from the host computer. You can also use the switches to control solid-state relays, which in turn can control heaters, pumps and power equipment. The host computer can use the module's digital inputs to determine the state of limit or safety switches or remote digital signals.

  • ADAM-4051 - 16 Channel Isolated Digital Input Module with Modbus

    The ADAM-4051 is a 16-ch. Digital Input Module, built with 2500 VDC optical isolation, suitable for critical applications. Different from other modules, the ADAM-4051 accepts 10~50V input voltage to fit various digital signals, such as 12 VDC, 24 VDC or 48 VDC. Moreover, users can read the current status from the LED indications on the front panel.

  • ADAM-4052 - 8 Channel Isolated Digital Input Module

    The ADAM-4052 provides eight digital input channels: six fully independent isolated channels and two isolated channels with a common ground. All have 5000 V RMS isolation to prevent ground loop effects and prevent damage from power surges on the input lines.

  • ADAM-4053 - 16 Channel Digital Input Module

    The ADAM-4053 is a 16 channel digital input module with RS-485 output

  • ADAM-4055 - 16 Channel (8DI & 8DO) Isolated Digital I/O Module with Modbus

    The ADAM-4055 offers 8-ch. isolated digital inputs and 8-ch. isolated digital outputs for critical applications. The inputs accept 10~50 V voltage, and the outputs supply 5~40 VDC open collector. Considered to be user-friendly. The ADAM-4055 is also built with LED indicator for easy status reading. The module supports both the ADAM ASCII and Modbus protocols.

  • ADAM-4056S - 12 Channel Sink Type Isolated Digital Output Module with Modbus

    The ADAM-4056S is a 12-channel Sink Type Isolated Digital Output Module based on RS-485 and supports both the ADAM ASCII and Modbus/RTU protocols. It provides 2500Vdc isolation and the outputs are rated at 40V and 100mA.

  • ADAM-4056SO - 12 Channel Source Type Isolated Digital Output Module

    The ADAM-4056SO is a 12-channel Source Type Isolated Digital Output Module based on RS-485 with ASCII or Modbus protocol. The module features 2500Vdc isolation and the outputs are rated at 10-35Vdc @ 1A and incorporate overcurrent protection. LED indicators show the output state for each channel.

  • ADAM-4060 - 4 Channel Relay Output Module

    The ADAM-4060 Relay Output Module is a low-cost alternative to SSR modules. The ADAM Relay Output Module provides four relay channels, two of Form A and two of Form C. This module is excellent for ON/OFF control or low-power switching applications.

  • ADAM-4068 - 8 Channel Relay Output Module with Modbus

    The ADAM-4068 relay module is controlled remotely over an RS-485 network using either an ASCII or Modbus protocol. The ADAM-4068 provides 8 relay output channels, half being Form A and the rest being Form C. These modules are excellent for on/off control or low-power switching applications.

  • ADAM-4069 - 8 Channel Power Relay Output Module with Modbus

    The ADAM-4069 is designed for on/off control in high-voltage applications. The major feature of ADAM-4069 is its power relay rating at 240 V AC and 5 A. This range can satisfy most requirements for driving externally controlled devices such as lights, fans, alarm systems, and various electronic devices in industrial automation, security, building and home automation applications. ADAM-4069 also supports the Modbus/RTU protocol and ADAM ASCII commands. It provides four form A channels and four form C channels.

  • ADAM-4080 - 2 Channel Counter/Frequency Module

    The ADAM-4080 Counter/frequency input module has two 32-bit counter input channels (counter 0 and counter 1) with built-in programmable timer for frequency measurement.